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Sale price 1499 yuan up now millet VR all in-one officially released
- Jun 01, 2018 -

During earlier this year at CES, millet and Oculus jointly announced that the two sides will jointly launch VR all-in-one product: millet and VR machine Oculus Go.Among them, the millet VR all-in-one product version is on sale in China, Oculus Go is sold in countries other than China product version.

Today (May 31) afternoon, millet in shenzhen during the product launch, besides launched its new millet mobile phone products, by VR industry practitioners to millet VR all-in-one also presented finally.

Millet VR

In price of the most attention, lei jun announced that millet VR all-in-one 32 gb version sells for 1499 yuan, 64 gb version sells for 1799 yuan, from now on can buy.

Hardware configuration, network based on VR (micro public letter number: VR platform) previously reported, millet and VR machine Oculus Go at the core of the same hardware configuration, qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 821 processors and 3 gb of RAM.The built-in battery in full charge state game for about 2 hours, or 2.5 hours to watch streaming video.Screen is 5.5 inches, 2560 * 2560 resolution Fast - Switch display, the refresh rate can change between 60-72 hz.Provide 3 dof head tracking controller with 3 dof.Millet VR all-in-one used the Oculus developing a panoramic view of the sound frequency technology, directly integrates near a pair of headphones, guarantees the user instant enjoy panoramic sound, also easy to share them with others, at the same time, with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Millet VR

In terms of content, millet VR application store offers the giant-screen film, 360 ° panoramic video and body feeling game mass content.

In terms of support for developers, according to a report in the VR net before, at the same time support millet millet VR machine VR SDK and Oculus Mobile SDK, at the same time compatible with millet content and Oculus VR platform of VR content, easy to domestic and overseas developers to bring content to millet VR one machine.

Millet will Oculus app store popular games, video, and application in China, let the Chinese consumers to experience a high level of mobile VR boutique.

Millet VR

Millet VR

Compared with millet VR all-in-one prices in countries other than China sale Oculus Go sells for $199 for the 32 gb version, $249 64 gb version.Millet and VR machine Oculus Go both VR all-in-one all cooperate with qualcomm, carrying Xiao dragon 821 processor, all-in-one VR high-performance processing demand.

VR net (WeChat public number: VR platform) will continue to monitor and report the latest progress in the field of millet in VR, stay tuned.