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Mars immigrants out of reach but someone already started planning for landing with VR
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Humans will astronauts to Mars and even immigration Mars maybe it is just a matter of time, but before that, at the same time also need a lot of work to do, and MarsVR is probably one of the best ways to explore the red planet.


Before we will human mass into space, must be a lot of training, and reproductive life on Mars needs both the cost of a huge and challenging, and all this is MarsVR comes in - a "Mars society" created by the non-profit organizations, and restore hope in VR "Mars desert research station (MDRS)".

The plan very innovative, and costs are relatively cheap and very practical, can also be largely reduction environment of exploration of Mars.Recently, the IT director James of MarsVR Burk revealed more about the project related information to us:

"We hope to establish a project level of VR tools, there are three reasons," explained Burk."One, in order to support Mars desert research station project of astronaut training;Second, as a public platform for the promotion to tell what we're doing;Three, for the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics education general) education provides a very good tool."

"We will open everything we do, and teach people how to use it, so that everyone can revolve around what we're doing to form a large-scale ecological system, and hope that this tool for MDRS plan, or Mars research can play a big help, so we want to through the mass, and community to help us to improve it."


According to introducing, MarsVR is actually made up of the Mars society to create a platform for the raise of the academy was established in 1998, the earliest goal is to improve on the red planet Mars exploration and research.The platform around the world have thousands of members and multiple branches, Burk also explains, in addition to the astronauts and space researchers, experts from all walks of life will be MarsVR work, please.

"We have a lot of useful VR experts and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) drivers," Burk said."Perhaps I may be the world's most understand space and Mars.In addition, I development team led by former h-p chief VR promoters Shannon Norrell leadership, and other developers are Unity, Unreal expert, by their help we can create more realistic VR experience."


"Project would like us to promote the human exploration of Mars, to bring us more about survival skills - people with different skills can complement each other."It is understood that the rover curiosity and Microsoft HoloLens is the major source of inspiration behind MarsVR:

"Earlier, I had the opportunity to visit the jet propulsion laboratory (for the national aeronautics and space administration development and the management of unmanned space missions), look at them every day to transmit a curiosity HoloLens MR environment of data input, and use it to survey of target landing site."

"For a few seconds before wearing HoloLens, I really hope that through VR share with as many people as I walk on the surface of Mars.Although the jet propulsion laboratory staff told me that they had tried to put this project sent to the Kennedy space center but failed, but I swear to myself, I will do what I can provide more air and Space Museum with such immersive experience.Now, I have already communicate with the museum of flight in Seattle by MarsVR, they are also very support what I am doing."

To create aVirtual realityThe world is very difficult, but the Burk and his team believe themselves to be able to do this task."We are only just beginning to develop, at present the biggest challenge is, how to make use of the latest photogrammetry technology, under the power and the Internet bandwidth limit, to Utah, a square miles of desert terrain scanning.But we plan to use some unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and other excellent software to achieve this goal."


Although MarsVR one of the original goal of training is to help, but the project also wants to let the public to participate in the exploration of Mars, and it did not show the VR can also benefit from it.

Burk said: "we will ensure that the first stage of MarsVR can run on any PC with good graphics, so people do not necessarily have to have VR head.However, if you have HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, obtaining the immersive experience that would be fantastic."

It is reported, MarsVR also formulated a series of exciting plans for the future.Burk has said: "we will build an entire planet Mars in the VR environment, and mark all landing site and the geographical features, everyone can walk on it."Although this is a long-term vision, Burk said from existing data or to see the technical possibilities.


"Mars society is committed to promoting human immigration to Mars, which is the goal of all of us trying to.Although MarsVR is integral part of the job, but VR can better publicity, tell a story, it is very important for the whole work."

Seems MarsVR will in the future Mars immigrants plays a key role, if it means ordinary people can also really involved in the migration scheme of Mars, then VR net (micro public letter number: VR platform) small make up can't wait to experience.