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Language education new weapon in 21st century;AR language learning application.
- Mar 23, 2018 -

vr language learning.png

This is the beauty of MondlyAR, an upcoming language learning application that USES AR technology instead of flash CARDS and textbooks.

As a standard education smartphone app, MondlyAR is a perfect language learning service.

With 30 million downloads, the company was crowned the "app of the year" for 2017 at EMEA.


AR again shows his education value and turns your living room into a classroom.


By working closely with Google, the application's artificial intelligence role will guide you through a series of interesting visual effects and 3D models to help you learn the basics of 33 different languages.

These images and 3D models will certainly interest you until the bell rings.

VR language learning4.png

However, MondlyVR plays a real role in speech recognition.

The first support and education based on AR applications, users may submit their verbal answer to a question raised by artificial intelligence, this not only increases your ability to understand a new language, but also can help you to speak fluently.

Video is a good example of a user trying to respond to an ai order in 55 seconds.

When asked what he would like to drink, the user mistakenly replied "Agua con, Leon!

Those who are familiar with French will recognize this sentence: "water and lion!

VR language learning6.png

Obviously, the user answer wrong, but did not correct the user simply artificial intelligence, but generated 3 d model, with a real (ugly) are (of) the lion sat on it, and then ask if you sure this is what they want.

It is worth mentioning that the application visually shows their errors to users and lets them know their mistakes through useful visual effects.

Six months after the release of MondlyVR, there are statistics that show the same learning experience with VR devices such as Oculus Rift, samsung Gear and GuGe Daydream.