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Inductrial injury accident death toll soar The giants with VR ascension truck driver safety awareness
- Apr 16, 2018 -

According to a report released by the bureau of labor statistics, the United States last year because of inductrial injury accident caused by the number of deaths increased by 7%, so many companies have started to seek to use VR technology to reverse this trend and to further protect the safety of workers.The report also pointed out that the inductrial injury accident, caused by a traffic accident is the most common accidents in 2016, the truck driver deaths accounted for 40% of all the workers death toll.At present, several companies have started to do VR for truck drivers driving simulation training, to ensure safe driving is so as to improve the safety of passers-by.

Since last year, united parcel service (UPS) will drive VR simulation training as part of its new driver safety training.Driving through VR simulation training, UPS plan 4000 new driver training this year.And the head of the students can wear with 360 degrees of vision in order to identify potential dangerous road, such as pedestrians, parked in the car on road and the oncoming vehicles.Besides skills can improve the driver's safety, the company also believes that the joy of the game of VR driving will help attract more job seekers, to resolve in the industry there has been a shortage of drivers.

To improve the safety of the truck driver is not limited to improve their driving skills.Linde group (Linde North America), as one of the world's largest industrial gas supplier in the world (in the United States and Canada has more than 5000 employees), has just introduced a VR training courses, taught the driver how to safely will contain dangerous liquid and gas airtight container loading and unloading.These substances are stored in sealed containers - 320 ° F, want to use its security is not simple, so the driver related VR training is necessary.When the tanker drivers on the road driving (flammable oil, easy to explosion), often prone to danger, so you need to pay special attention to.In addition to this, the driver must also deal with other possible accidents, such as frozen fingers or accidental inhalation of cryogenic nitrogen gas or other gas.

Through VR training courses, linde group of drivers can establish its muscle memory in the process of unloading.As a musician to play instruments familiarity, the driver can also master the relevant skills in a short time.Managers in new drivers on the road before driving, would seriously consider the skills to master degree.In addition, the noises in the VR environment is better than a real car is small, so the driver can clearly hear the command of coaches.In a word, all aspects of VR training course can provide multiple security protection for the driver.

VR besides can bring pleasure to attract more job seekers, another big advantage is the ability to image overlay to real-world scenarios.Over the course of linde, the driver can have "X-ray vision", this kind of perspective of view they see through the pipeline gas flow process.This means that they will be able to see its processing object in VR, to understand in the real world objects operation process so that the malfunction when they encounter problems in a timely manner.

For companies with large teams, VR has been proved to be a low-cost way of training.Because the use of VR for the branch driver (not at the scene of the company headquarters to attend training) provide training at any time.

In addition to its own enterprise needs, linde has cooperation with university together to research the effectiveness of the new training technology.In a pilot study, researchers compared two groups of new drivers (for VR training drivers and drivers who use traditional way of training) skill level, safety record and work performance.Through scientific control of A/B testing, VR training potential benefits can be quantified accurately, to determine A return on investment.Research will be completed in the autumn, the early findings suggest that the driver of a VR training skills can be accelerated than previously two-thirds of time, which should help solve increasingly shortage of commercial truck driver.

In the past 25 years, the truck driver safety has been significantly improved, but the average age of the truck driver has risen to 49 years.Before the baby boomers have been in the stage of retirement, the "silver tsunami" is affecting many industries in the United States, lead to all walks of life are faced with labor shortage problems, ranging from doctors to mechanic.Master a foreign professional training required for the more, the greater the trade gap.According to the American trucking association (ATA), 2017 to 50000, the number of driver shortages by 2026 that figure could increase to 174000.

Whether in what areas, enterprises and institutions enough hope the new technology, which can reduce the training time and training to improve staff proficiency.There are still a lot of truck drivers need training, so the VR may become a great powerful means to ensure the safety of the driver.