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How to use VR technology in studio
- Mar 03, 2018 -

How to use VR technology in studio

With the development of advanced information technologies such as computer networks and three-dimensional graphics software, great changes have taken place in the production of television programs. Visual and auditory effects as well as human thinking can be achieved by means of virtual reality. It sublimated human's logical thinking. The virtual studio is the embodiment of the combination of virtual reality technology and human thinking in the production of television programs. The main advantage of a virtual studio system is that it can express news information more effectively and enhance the appeal and interactivity of information. Traditional studios have more restrictions on program production. The set made by the virtual studio system is a scalable three-dimensional design. When the camera is moved, the virtual scenery and the foreground picture will change correspondingly, thus increasing the reality of the show. Using virtual scenes is cost-effective in many ways. If it has the ability to change scenes in time, save money in making studio scenes. You do not have to move and keep things, so you can reduce the pressure on your employees. For a single episode, virtual production does not show great economic benefits, but it can save a lot of money in a series of programs that use the same background and camera position. In addition, the virtual studio has production advantages. When considering the program layout, the choice of production staff large, they do not have to be too limited by the scene. For the same program may not be the same studio, because the background can be saved to disk. It can give full play to the creativity and imagination of the creative staff, using a variety of existing three-dimensional animation software to create a high-quality background

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