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How do I select the AR/VR technology marketing Some experience from marketing executive
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Augmented reality (AR) superposition of digital image in the real world, the experience usually by smart phone.Virtual reality (VR) depicts a virtual, can place oneself among them 3 d world, usually by specialized VR head show experience.

With the development of science and technology, communication tools, has been rapid development in digital marketing.As the previous marketing effect gradually weakened, marketers are looking for new way of marketing and media.Marketers now as in the past will gradually website, APP into the marketing plan, start looking for AR and VR.

But the AR and the role of VR in the marketing, so far, more is still attract eyeball, finally actually contributed to few more cases of consumer behavior.New technology in the application of marketing should be targeted, and do not blindly follow.

Located in Philadelphia, MVP Interactive brand marketing company, in the use of AR andVR technologyThere are a lot of experience in attracting consumers.The CEO and founder James Giglio introduced some of his experience in using AR/VR technologies.

VR marketing

For example, a project of the past, the store will Oculus VR head into the football helmet, allowing four fans for 70 seconds of VR experience at the same time, as if place oneself in the game against the Washington red one, to experience a game player's point of view.

In another project, marketing team is set up in Atlanta city 17 AR virtual tag.Fans by mobile phone camera scan tags, each tag contains information of Atlanta, and mark the location of the next tip.Collected before 17 tag fans won the team's jersey.

Why, then, a project using AR, and for another use VR?

The audience size and cost

James Giglio, points out that when you want to present a completely different experience with reality, should choose the VR.This is difficult to get in to gain real experience, such as allowing fans to experience to become a professional soccer player feeling, even if it is only 70 seconds.

And when you want the information of the real world to extend, so the AR is a wise choice.Atlanta, for example, the project contains the histories of many of the streets in the region information, participants can get a lot of extension information in the process of the activities.

VR to create a completely independent virtual world, need stable running environment at the same time, some AR threshold is relatively low, it seems to be the real world can be as a stage, in this stage.

When choosing to use AR or VR, another factor to consider is the size of the participants.Current VR experience need to wear VR head show, one head show at the same time there can only be used a participant, to many people who experience the need to prepare many sets of equipment, even the computer mainframe.

And AR to the requirement of equipment is much lower.Now almost everyone has a smart phone, and there are more and more smart phones can realize AR function.Therefore, when your marketing when you want to get to a wider audience, AR is a better choice.

AR and VR and mixed reality, of course, MR, Giglio says he is MR.Mixed reality isVirtual realityThe further development of technology, by introducing real scene information in virtual environment, in the virtual world, build an interaction between real world and the user information feedback loop.But MR cost is relatively higher, the applying relatively few cases in marketing.

AR marketing

If there is a value & effect quality content

Choose more suitable experience form also need to determine whether the product or service propaganda by the consumers interested in related experience.In the event promotion, for example, most people want to feel the field experience of professional athletes, so to build a relevant experience will be very popular.

However, if the promotion of product is detergent?We want to make what is related to the product of experience?Consumers will want to use clothes in the washer perspective is around?

In addition, there is a problem is to consider the present technology can bring the experience of realistic, it relates to whether the experience of creation will increase liking users of products or services.

A new car, for example, experience of VR can arouse consumers would like a new car physical desire?You have to consider if the VR experience is not enough good, will give a bad impression for the consumption and thus give up buying.

Giglio, recalls his company made a VR test drive project for Cadillac."What we do is to make people to some extent, virtual experience new Cadillac."But he admits that "can't compare with the real car driving."

For now, the AR/VR marketing is still in its infancy, there are still a lot of marketing companies or teams in the exploration and attempt, we will see more and more AR/VR marketing case.Like looking forward to a hot style game, we also look forward to successful AR/VR marketing case, believe that for the whole AR/VR industry also has the very good role in promoting.