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Focused on 55 + special populations The company wants to use VR
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Virtual reality is often seen as the younger generation of technology, most market research company will put the user group of 20 to 40 years old.This is not to say that the virtual reality can't be used by people of all ages, such as MyndVR is a specially designed for the elderly with virtual reality solutions company.

VR net (WeChat public number: VR platform) learned that MyndVR content from The world's top producers for The old immersive experience, including DiscoveryVR, National Geographic, USA Today The Network and The Wall Street Journal, aims to improve The lives of people over 55 and cognitive result.

For virtual reality cognitive health benefits for the elderly.

But recently, management consulting firm based in Texas, a Senior life Civitas, Senior Living with Dallas MyndVR cooperation, introduces virtual reality (VR) is located in Texas mead lothian Midtowne, want to use VR auxiliary nursing the elderly's life and memory.

This project aims to explore actively participate in the benefits of virtual reality in the elderly, the elderly can help them with Curated VR content for users to create happy, calm and unforgettable experience.

For virtual reality cognitive health benefits for the elderly.

"Science and technology will make old people happier, healthier, and more able to come into contact with the future," Civitas, founder and chief executive, said Wayne Powell."Use of virtual reality in any case can provide experience to the elderly, and other means for this may be difficult, even impossible.Such virtual freedom will change our experience of the old man."

Thanks to the VR devices, the old people to enjoy and into the many different scenarios.The 360 - degree panoramic video, about two minutes long so content from drifting canyon to Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra's concert.

For virtual reality cognitive health benefits for the elderly.

MyndVR's co-founder and chief executive Chris Brickler, said: "we have recently completed a large national pilot project, it is a hundreds of people life of the elderly community, including those who live independently, as well as suffering from alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other age-related diseases.We can directly observe the improvement of their emotions, loneliness, reduce the trigger, memory, enhancement of the connection and the spirits of participants.We know what is especially suitable for the elderly, the elderly brain want to continue to learn, create and explore.The technology has huge treatment of hope, our goal is to let the old people across the country can obtain an affordable VR solutions."

Old people in MyndVR introduced Midtowne assisted living and nursing of VR memory contents, they will be able to continue in a comfortable chair to experience new adventures, while maintaining the benefits of virtual reality.According to the VR is understood, as the project continues to advance, the VR experience will also be likely to spread to the location of more in the future.

For virtual reality cognitive health benefits for the elderly.

Recently VR net (micro public letter number: VR platform) has comeBeijing mentougou district double valley community residents' committeesFor the old man with their own increased in later life, some of the new color.Through the public welfare activity, VR net not only bring the old people to "travel", view and admire the beautiful scenery all over the world, let the old people feel another kind of freedom, but also enrich the old People's Daily life, bring more fresh and fun experience.

We are glad you can see, the VR practitioners all over the world are trying to do for the special group "elderly" efforts.Future VR net with MyndVR etc will also continue to conduct such public welfare activities, do VR public interest forerunner, and other groups to care for old people, bringing new and fun, let more old man abetted, share the development of science and technology achievements.