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AR technology will be the next porsche car repairs of original new right hand man
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Previously,small make up in"Is not just a road BMW car makers is how to use technology to define future travel"The article introduced the BMW is how the VR technology, 5 g and AI technology into intelligent travel.And the same as a car on behalf of porsche, recently seems to be on the cutting edge of technology.


The German carmaker announced yesterday that it planned to its 189 dealers and service centers across the country to provide AR technology and equipment, in order to help engineers to better solve the increasingly complex automotive maintenance problems.

With the use of AR glasses, the maintenance technician even in the porsche U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, can also be in from all over the country, this paper discussed the technical personnel to various, and in the form of a real-time video help them solve the problem.And these solutions can also be through AR glasses display in other related personnel.


It is understood that this pair of glasses can see every corner of the car, every parts, are equipped with lighting, LED lights can provide dark environment while hd camera also can automatically target focused on as one component of the thread.

"By AR glasses staff can more quickly solve the problem, this means that our dealers and partners can let customers get better service."Porsche cars North America CEO Klaus Kellmer said in a statement.


According to introducing, porsche, the use of AR technology called Tech Look Live, it will be able to make porsche dealers with its headquarters in keep contact more professional and technical personnel, and the technology will be used for road maintenance work.


, porsche said today's car is no longer as easy as in the past is just a car, they usually with complex computer and electronic systems, or like double qing auto combined gasoline and electric motor - so this requirement for maintenance technicians are becoming more strict than ever before, so by AR glasses to help them is a very good choice.It is understood that at present the company is developing its first electric car against tesla.

In addition, porsche, according to the previous statistics in its 70 - year history of all vehicles built, there are still 70% of the old car is still in use, and repair the old car is also an important source of income.

So porsche also did not give up the old car users, and try to use AR technology on those who have been the first old car is still running on the road.For many young porsche's maintenance personnel, perhaps a lot more "old" auto parts they previously did not seen, so Tech Look Live for those new auto repair personnel is also very helpful.


It is understood that Tech Look Live technology is used by the San Francisco Osterhout company produced ODG R - 7 AR glasses.With the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive complete coverage, such as in the real worldVR glassesThe ODG R - 7 allows users to digital image stack into the physical world.

Although the AR technology is still a lack of more more convincing case, but it is undeniable that it has gradually become popular in the enterprise users, including oil, medical treatment, shopping can see the figure of AR technology industries, now mechanics will become one of the cases of AR technology more convincing.

It is understood that porsche will offer 75 service centers across the United States take the lead in AR support, considering the vast market of China, believe that soon we can enjoy the AR service experience.

Of course, the premise is you need to own a porsche.