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4.3 -inch 1443 ppi Google LG collaboration between VR with high resolution of OLED screen
- May 24, 2018 -

As a "secret project" first public appearance last year, Google recently to show the cooperation and LG, up to 1443 ppi pixel density high resolution of OLED display, is the HTC and Oculus consumer head three times the density of the screen.Google AR and VR head Clay Bavor said last year, GoogleVirtual realityThe ultimate goal is to create the experience of "feeling completely real".In order to achieve this goal, technically head display screen will have to be higher sharpness (resolution) and wider field of vision to improve the visual fidelity.


To achieve this goal, Google has launched a "secret project", to create the VR environment using OLED screen, than on the market mainstream VR display pixel density high 10 times, approximately 2 million pixels.

In the Display Week 2018, Google showed off their latest achievements and LG cooperation.18 million pixels of the OLED screen has 1433 PPI and 120 hz refresh rate.4.3 inch for 4800 * 3840 resolution prototype panel is "the world's highest resolution of OLED - on - glass screen".

Scene view for 120 * 96, and Google research papers show that human visual "cap" is 9600 x 9000, FOV is 160 x 150.